Bridgeport Tank Trucks Oilfield Services

Water Hauling
BTT's fleet of water hauling trucks delivers fresh water to the well site, and also transports excess water from the well hole for disposal. Water hauling is a critical component of fluid management during both the completion and production phases of a well.

Frac Tank Rental
BTT has a fleet of hundreds of frac tanks, which are used for temporary water storage in the fracturing process.

Saltwater Disposal
BTT disposes salt water in the company's wholly-owned and operated saltwater disposal wells, which are located throughout the Fort Worth Basin.

Pump Truck Service
BTT's high pressure pump trucks are critical throughout the life of the well in order to control the pressure of a well.

Water Transfer and Other Equipment Rental
BTT has the pipes and pumps required to meet your water transfer requirements, in addition to other equipment necessary for fluid management at the well site.