About Bridgeport Tank Trucks

With headquarters in Bridgeport, Texas, Bridgeport Tank Trucks is a leader in oilfield services across the Fort Worth Basin region of Texas, including the Barnett Shale.

Founded in Bridgeport in 1975, BTT has grown to serve its customers in the Barnett Shale, providing fluid services and equipment rental for both the production and completion stages of a well. The company operates a diverse fleet of water hauling trucks and hundreds of frac tanks used for fluid transport and storage. Additionally, BTT owns and operates dedicated disposal wells across the Fort Worth Basin.

Ronald Holley, President & CEO

Ronald joined Bridgeport Tank Trucks in 1977 as a driver, and worked in several field service and accounting roles before assuming the title of President & Chief Executive Officer in 1994. Ronald is committed to providing premium water hauling, disposal, and equipment rental services to all of his customers.
Gene Melton, COO & VP of Sales

Gene joined Bridgeport Tank Trucks in 1990 as a driver, and also served as a Field Representative before assuming the title of Chief Operating Officer. Gene now oversees operations and is also the sales director for the company. Gene is also very involved in directing the employee hiring and training programs to ensure the continued infusion of talent in the organization.